Restaurant & Bars


Places to eat

Ulla's Refreshments On the first floor of General Hall, MG Road, is a local favourite and a great spot for snacks and south Indian vegetarian dishes.
US Pizza On Church St, markets the best pizzas in the city.
Coconut Grove Also Church St, is a friendly, semi open-air restaurant with a mouthwatering array of Keralan, Goan and Coorg regional dishes.
Rice Bowl On Bridge Road, is a cosy Chinese joint run by Titbetans.
Shanbhag Cafe On Residency Road, dishes up decent south Indian thails and north Indian variety.
New Vectoria Hotel On Residency Road, has a nice shady Indian garden restaurant and an old-fashioned dining hall that are both interesting.  
Casa Piccolo 131 Residency Road, justly receives enthusiastic raves from travellers, another western-style eatery.
Lakeview Milk Bar At 38 MG Road, and Baskin & Robbins, on Residency Road, are the places to go for ice cream.

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