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The visitors can go for Shopping to various places around the city of Bijapur. This city is surrounded by numerous beautiful places for excursion. Aihole, Pattadakal, Kadula Sangama, Badami and Basavana Bagewadi are some of the prime sites mostly of tourist’s major choice of destinations.

Aihole is at a distance of about 110 km from the city of Bijapur. Aihole is a place of temples that too well known for its architectural and masterpiece carvings on the temples Bijapur Shopping Guide.

Apart from other beautiful Hindu temples, there lies the distinct Buddhist Temple spicing to the importance of Aihole.

Bijapur is located in the northern part of the state of Karnataka, in the southern region of India. It is 613 km from Bangalore city and 486 km southeast of Mumbai (Bombay) city Bijapur Shopping Guide.

The climate of Bijapur is temperate with summers (April-June) being moderately hot and winters are cool and pleasant (November-February) Bijapur Shopping Guide.

It experiences southwestern monsoon rains in the months of June to August.

The best time to Bijapur is during winters Bijapur Shopping Guide.

The origin of Bijapur goes back to the early medieval period.

The Chalukyan rulers of south India, between the 10th and 11th centuries laid the foundation of Bijapur. At that time, it was called as Vijayapura (the City of Victory) Shopping Places in Bijapur India.