Shopping, Karwar



Karwar is famous for carved sandalwood, inlay works, silk saris, incense and wodden toys. the best place to see the whole range is at the Cauvery Arts & Crafts Emporium on Sayaji Rao road. It's open daily except Sunday from 10 am to 1.30 pm and to 7.30 pm. It accepts credit cards, foreign currency or travellers cheques and will arrange packing and export, though it's not cheap by Indian standards.

There are a number of other souvenir and handicraft shops in the precincts of the Jaganmohan Palace and along Dhanvantri road. Silk shops can be found along Devaraj Urs road.

You can buy silk and see weavers at work at the Government Silk factory on Madhavacharya road in the southern suburb of Krishnamurthypuram. You can also visit a nearby snadalwood oil extracting plant in the suburb of Ashokapuram and purchase oil and scented incense sticks here. The factories are about two km south-east of Karwar Place.