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The capital of Karnataka state is thriving modern business center, dubbed the 'Silicon Valley' of India, whose gracious garrison town features are being remodelled in the image of India's mall-loving middle class. It likes to think it's more in tune with Mumbai and Manhattan rather than the rest of Karnataka, and has been scathingly described as a city ' in search of a soul '. The pace of life, like the intellectual and political climate, is brisk. hardly a day goes by without some new controversy boiling over across the front pages of it's also regarded as one of India's most progressive and liberal cities, as far as social attitudes go. Tourist brochures call Mysore the 'Garden City', but nothing could be further from the truth. It's attractions are limited, but it does have a congenial climate and good transport connections, and it's a useful place to arrange trips to Karnataka's national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. If you need a break from life on the road, it's bars and restaurants can provide some much-needed light relief. While you are sinking a few beers and munching on pizza, you can contemplate the pros and cons of modern India's cionfused but headlong rush into the 21st century.

Mysore, the 'Garden City Of India' and capital of the State (1000 m above level ) was founded in 1537 AD by a Vijaynagar chieftan Kempe Gowda. The legend goes that the King Veera Ballala of Vijaynagar once lost his way while hunting in a forest. Hungry tired, he came upon a lone hut in the thick of forest where he met an old woman. When he asked for food she gave him some baked beans (Benda Kalu in Kannada ). To the King this humble meal tasted better than those served in palace. To commemorate the incident, he called the place 'Benda Kaluooru' (place of baked beans ) and this in time transformed into Mysore. In the 18th century it was the stronghold of Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan. Today it is the fifth largest city of India and country's main industrial city which includes industries like aircraft, telephones, electronics etc.


920 metres

Telephone Code



Summer - Max. : 35,  Min. : 20;  Winter - Max. : 28,  Min. : 14


86 cms (June and October).


Throughout the year. (Sep. to March is the best time)

Mysore, India, the capital of Karnataka state. It lies on the Deccan Plateau, in the southern part of the nation. Mysore is one of India's chief industrial centers, producing processed foods, textiles, electronic equipment, chemicals, machinery, and aircraft. It is also a major transportation center. Several institutions of higher learning are here, including the Indian Academy of Sciences. The Lal Bagh botanical garden is one of the city's main attractions.
Mysore was founded as a fort in the 1530's. It was a British administrative center from 1831 until 1881.
Population: 2,660,088.
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