Karnataka - Shopping

The state of Karnataka can be called as the 'shopper's paradise'. Shopping in Karnataka is a pleasant and satisfactory experience for the tourists as there are numerous dazzling shopping malls and shopping arcades established in various cities of Karnataka. You don't have to think what to buy in Karnataka. The state has so much to offer including rosewood and sandalwood, sparkling silks and exquisite handicrafts, that you would be spoiled for choice.

Shopping in Karnataka offers a wide array of choice for the tourists such as sandalwood sculptures, sandalwood oil, perfumes, wood carvings, incense sticks, metal lamps, inlay work, Mysore paintings, Mysore silks, Bijapur sarees, Bijapur handlooms, Bijapur jewellery, Ilkal sarees, Lambani jewellery, handlooms from Guledgudda, stone carvings, metal ware and bidriware. You can get these items in the shopping centers of big cities like Bangalore and Mysore, and also from shopping outlets in Bidar, Hampi, Belgaum, Shimoga, etc.

Bangalore and Mysore are popular for their glistening silks. Karnataka silk sarees are integral parts of the culture and tradition of Karnataka. The silk sarees created in Karnataka are exported to many countries. They are woven using a variety of rich colours and interwoven using the delicate gold threads.

Karnataka is a well-known home of sandalwood. Various sandalwood items are available throughout the state.

Shopping in Karnataka
 is incomplete without having sandalwood carvings. One can get a wide range of designs and products. The Gudigar families of Uttara Kannada, Shimoga and Mysore districts have specialization in this exquisite craft. The tourists can purchase pendants, beads, screens, carved tables, caskets, dinner gongs, a host of stationery items, boxes, mythological figures, tiny bookmarks, trays and decorative panels with intricate scenes. These items carved out from the scented sandalwood are very popular among the tourists.

Rosewood carving is an ancient craft of Mysore, which are found on the ceilings and doors of monuments and temples, constructed under the patronage of different ruling dynasties. During shopping in Karnataka, you will come across beautiful metal wares. They are available in the form of embossing of designs on the sheet metal and in the shape of metal casting. The temple city of Udupi is popular for its ritual objects and small images. Karkala is famous for its Jain icons. Mangalore is well-known for the household articles made from bell metal. Nagamangala is popular for bronze casting. Other well-known centers for metal craft in Karnataka are Kundapur, Bangalore, Bidar, Shravanabelagola and Shivarapatna.

The state of Karnataka is popular for the traditional Mysore paintings, painted in bright vegetable-dye colors. Gokak in Belgaum district is also well-known for colourful, bright replicas of fruits and vegetables, toys, cradles, images of deities, palanquins and masks. One can also get gold and silver jewellery and exquisite pottery in Gokak. 

Bidriware was originated in Bidar, in north Karnataka. The bidriware items involve inlays of gold or silver on the base of alloy of copper and zinc. This art is applied to beautify different objects such as paan boxes, hookahs, platters, trays and goblets. These items can serve as beautiful mementos of your Karnataka tour.